WTB Koda Cromoly Saddle

WTB Koda Cromoly Saddle

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his high-quality saddle is ideally suited for cross country riding as it offers brilliant comfort and support on longer journeys.
Ready for action, this fantastic component features a hard-wearing microfibre cover construction.
This makes it more than capable of handling all the abuse that comes with riding off-road and multiple changes to your riding position.
Coming equipped with a central open relief channel, this sleek model divides its supportive open zones to alleviate pressure around your perineal area.
This allows you to ride longer and explore further than ever before with worrying about suffering from fatigue or muscle strain.


Cover Material: Microfibre
Shell: Flex-Tuned
Rail Material: CrMo
Padding: HLX and Gel Padding
Use: MTB, Road, Cross Country
Dimensions: Medium: 145x255mm; Wide: 150x255mm
Weight: Medium: 306g; Wide: 310g (approx)