Blackburn Central 650 Front Light

Blackburn Central 650 Front Light

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A powerful front light with up to 650 lumens of output in one versatile and affordable lighting system.

5 Light Modes

The Central 650 Front Light comes with 5 different light modes to give you more variety to suit your battery life and changing environments:

  • High: 650 lumens output, 2hrs battery life, up to 131m visibility
  • Med: 400 lumens output, 3hrs battery life, up to 98m visibility
  • Low: 200 lumens output, 5hrs battery life, up to 69m visibility
  • Pulse: 150 lumens output, 17hrs battery life, up to 60m visibility
  • Strobe: 150 lumens output, 21hrs battery life, up to 60m visibility

Side Visibility

The lights design features a channel for a bright hit of light that emits light out of the sides of the lights casing to provide excellent side visibility. This is vitally important at keeping you safe while cycling in traffic to ensure that you are seen from all angles so that motorists stay aware of you whatever every way they are approaching you or you are approaching them.

LED Battery Indicator

The Central 650 Front Light comes with a fuel gauge indicator that is integrated into the design of the lights slim-lined body shape. The indicator is made up of three, small traffic light like LED lights that shows: Green = 100%-75%, Orange = 75%-25%, and Red = 25%-0%. This will help you stay aware of your battery life so that you can change modes, and charge accordingly so that you don’t lose light while on the go.


The lights battery is Micro USB rechargeable and can be charged through any standard USB port. This makes it easy to charge your light on the go. You could easily recharge your light once you’ve reached the office by simply plugging it in to a USB port on your work computer so that it is ready to go for the evening’s ride home. If you are looking for a quicker recharge you can also, quickly and easily, change the batteries over with a spare lithium-ion battery.

Mounting System

The Central 650 comes with an included bike mounting system that is suitable for a large range of bicycle frames. The silicone mount fits any sized tube with a diameter of 15-35mm. It also comes with a handy clip so that you can attach the light to clothing, bags or racks.


  • Tool-free set up
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Waterproof design
  • 4 hour recharge time
  • LED charge indicator
  • Weighs 162g