There’s no denying the fact that electric bikes are here to stay. At Kona, we believe in bikes—all bikes. When we sat down to figure out the best way to ride as much as possible while having as much fun as possible, the result became clear: make an electric bike that rides just like a Process. The result is the brand new Remote 160.

Electric bikes are something different for everyone. Whether you’re just looking to ride farther, a busy parent trying to squeeze in a ride during a hectic schedule, a pro athlete using the bike for training, or someone who’s been given a second chance at riding after illness or injury, the Remote 160 is the perfect tool to get you out and rolling around on very your favorite trails.


Based on our award-winning Process platform, the Remote 160 is the ultimate enduro E-bike. Powered by Shimano’s natural-feeling E8000 drive unit, the Remote 160 will get you deeper into the woods, more laps on your favorite trail, and more miles under your belt. Featuring 160mm travel front and rear with a RockShox Lyrik Select fork and Super Deluxe trunnion shock, SRAM Code R brakes with 200mm rotors, and a SRAM GX/NX 12-speed drivetrain, the Remote 160 is a performance-based machine ready for big adventures.

The Remote 160 is powered by the Shimano E8000 motor.




160mm of front and rear travel is supplied by a RockShox Lyrik Select fork and Super Deluxe shock.



Process-inspired geometry makes for a fun, lively ride across all terrain.

The available Remote 160 colors vary slightly by region. In North America, it is available in grey, in Europe, both grey and seafoam, and everywhere else in the word in seafoam. For more information, check or check with your local dealer.

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